We are a member-owned, not-for-profit co-operative that provides people with access to healthy food from our shop in Thirroul. We are varied but united by our commitment to the core values of healthy, eco-friendly food with minimal packaging waste, and the democratic business model of the co-operative.

Our objectives

  • To carry out our business to enable access to affordable healthy food.
  • To carry a diverse range of quality products that contribute to healthy living.
  • To provide an accessible shopfront that is open to meet community needs and is a safe and pleasant environment to shop in.
  • To act as a meeting place to foster the environmental, social and personal growth of our community.
  • To adopt ecologically sound practices and systems throughout the life cycle of products (including minimal packaging and food miles, fair trade, GM free and waste management).
  • Support the local economy and employment through relationships with local growers and producers.

Our Board of Directors

We are overseen by a board of directors who are responsible to the membership for operating the Co-op within the Co-operative National Law (and regulations) and by a set of rules that are determined by the membership.

The board includes a position of Treasurer, Secretary and three other directors and the term of office of a director is 3 years. The current Board is:

  • Sally Skyring (secretary)
  • Justin Licht (treasurer)
  • Karla Sperling
  • Kylie Flament
  • Kirk Bendall

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